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Since its inception, MedSpan has taken a leadership role in healthcare marketing, payer research, and medical market research and consulting. Below you’ll find links to recently published peer-reviewed articles and white papers.


Published MedSpan Articles

Coverage, Reimbursement and Pricing

Hemophilia and Managed Care: Partnering to Achieve Cost-Effective Care

Managed Care and Hemophilia: Opportunities for More Cost-Effective Care

Staging Colon Cancer: New Directions and Managed Care Implications

The Impact of a Patient Support Program for Multiple Sclerosis on Patient Satisfaction and Subjective Health Status

Message Development and Dissemination

Thiazolidinediones and Slowing the Progression of Diabetes


New Product Development

Adoption of a New Technology in a Veterans Affairs National Formulary System with Local Implementation: The Insulin Glargine Example

Healthcare’s Move Towards Differentiation

Differentiating Products by Market Segments Helps IDS Stay Ahead of Competitors


Medical Staff Development

The Impact of Managed Care on the Need for Primary Care Physicians 

Empowering Physicians to Take Charge of IDS Requires Business Training

Winning the Race for Primary Care Physicians

Integrating the Office Staff of a Newly Acquired Medical Group

It’s Not Only Money that Will Draw Physicians to Your Organization

Physicians Office Site Selection in a Managed Care Environment

Succession Planning: A Long-overlooked Need


MedSpan White Papers

Coverage, Reimbursement and Pricing

Setting Expectations for a New Drug’s Formulary Status


Healthcare Marketing

Framework for Managed Care Primary Market Research