Company Culture

Refreshingly Responsive at Every Stage
of Your Project

When you engage MedSpan for your next healthcare market research project, you’ll partner with a connected, experienced team that delivers outstanding client service each and
every time.


Personal Service

One of the core principals of MedSpan is high-touch customer service. We keep our clients informed of the project’s status at every step.  Our clients know that every detail, large and small, is closely managed to ensure the high quality of the deliverables. Every engagement is directly conducted by a senior executive and never handed off to a “junior team member” once the contract is signed.



At MedSpan, agility and experience come together for an increased level of client responsiveness. Our data collection techniques, market knowledge, and established relationships with many members of the healthcare community provide a foundation for the intelligent design and timely execution of every engagement. Our quick and insightful completion of every assignment keeps our clients happy, which is why we have such a high level of customer retention.

MedSpan is at our best when working under short timeframes.  For example, to complete a SWOT analysis of our client’s diabetes portfolio, we conducted 25 one-on-one telephone interviews with managed care executives and an Internet survey with 40 endocrinologists.  MedSpan designed the survey instruments, conducted the fieldwork and completed the report in a span of two weeks. 

As another example, to conduct an acquisition analysis for a new flu vaccine technology, MedSpan conducted 20 telephone interviews with managed care executives, executives from state government agencies, community hospitals and academic medical centers, and distributors and delivered a final report in the span of 10 working days.   

Eye for Detail

Healthcare marketing research projects are often complex. MedSpan’s processes and culture are designed to manage every project detail so that nothing is missed. Clients know our expertise is sound, our methodologies proven, and our insights actionable.



Creativity and healthcare marketing research are not always two concepts that go together.  However, MedSpan prides ourself on our creative approach to recruiting hard-to-find respondents and developing methodologies that meet our clients’ demanding requirements.  From the use of social media to recruit patients to the use of cutting edge technology to gather data, MedSpan’s creativity assures our clients of the insights they need.