Market Segment

RapidAccessTM Segments 

US Payers

 RapidAccessTM includes contact information for more than 13,000 executives at US private and public health plans, self-funded employers and supporting organizations. To illustrate the diversity of RapidAccessTM, it contains contacts at more than 640 private US health plans. 


  US Payer Executives in RapidAccessTM


Private Health Plans

1,500+ Government Payers

Self-Funded Employers
Employee Benefits Consultants 
Employer Coalitions


Pharmacy Benefit Managers

500+   Specialty Pharmacies
300+   ACO Executives and Other*
13,550+ TOTAL

*Other includes disease management organizations, ACO executives and radiology benefit managers

From study to study, our clients’ needs vary in terms of payer job titles, geographic coverage and number of covered lives per plan.


2015 07 27 HEALTH plan counts by job title


2015 07 28 Health plan charts combined  




US Hospital Executives

RapidAccessTM includes contact information for more than 77,000 executives at US hospitals, ACOs and IDNs.

RapidAccessTM includes executives at more than 4,000 US hospitals in a variety of categories:

  • Community hospitals
  • Academic medical centers
  • NCI-designated cancer centers
  • Rural hospital
  • Behavioral health centers
  • Rehabilitation hospitals
  • Long-term acute-care hospitals


These US hospitals range in size from 10 to more than 1,500 staffed beds.

RapidAccessTM also includes more than 200 hospital GPO executives.


  US Hospital Executives in RapidAccessTM
managed_care_icon 19,000+ Respiratory therapists
17,500+ Case mgts/discharge planners 
11,000+ Nurses (from CNOs to floor nurses)
9,000+ Pharmacists
6,500+ Hospital-based physicians
4,000+ Care unit managers
3,000+ Purchasing
2,500+ Diagnostic lab managers and clinicians
1,500+ IT executives
900+ Medical management (CMOs/Section heads)
900+ Financial management
500+ Quality assurance
200+ Infection control
400+ Other


US Executives at Alternate Sites of Care and Medical Groups

RapidAccessTM includes contact information for almost 20,000 executives at US alternate sites of care.

RapidAccessTM also contains data for almost 20,000 executives at US medical groups.


US Alternate Site Executives
in RapidAccessTM

managed_care_icon 12,000+ Ambulatory surgi-centers
2,000+  Nursing homes
600+  Community health centers (e.g., FQHCs) 
600+  Dialysis centers  
600+  Assisted living   
500+  Home healthcare agencies
400+  Intermediate care facilities   
300+  Hemophilia treatment centers
200+  Infusion centers 
200+  Cystic fibrosis care centers

Behavioral health centers 

100+  Hospice 
100+  Occupational health clinic
300+  Travel vaccination clinics / Department of Corrections / Imaging centers



US Medical Group Executives
in RapidAccessTM
14,000+    Administrator/Office manager  
1,200+    CMO/Medical director
1,200+    Insurance/billing supervisor
500+    CEO/COO
400+    CIO
400+    CFO/Finance
300+    Human Resources 
200+    Quality assurance
200+    Pharmacist
100+    Marketing
400+    Other
19,000+    TOTAL