A rapid response TDI service yielding answers at the speed you need.



MedSpan Research will:

  • Recruit as many respondents as your study needs
  • Schedule the interview(s) for you to moderate — using the screener and discussion guide you develop
  • Provide conferencing services for you and your teammates
  • Deliver an audio recording of each TDI
  • Process honorarium payments


Cost per interview (minimum of 3 interviews):

  • $595 per 30-minute interview
  • $675 per 45-minute interview
  • $750 per 60-minute interview


Option services (additional fees apply):

  • MedSpan Research consults on the design of the screener and/or discussion guide
  • Interview transcripts
  • MedSpan Research programs and hosts stimuli, pre-interview survey and/or mid-interview on-line exercise
  • MedSpan Research moderates the interviews
  • More than 3 conference lines
  • Fewer than 3 interviews



  • Survey must seek responses from payers or delivery system executives within RapidAccessTM

  • Screener must yield an incident rate of 70% or more

  • Rescheduling interviews or replacing respondents who pass the screener at the client’s discretion incur a replacement fee