Answers At The Speed You Need



Are you looking for quick insights from payers and delivery system executives?


RapidInsights…a suite of high-value/low-cost market research tool that delivers answers at the speed you need. 


Insights is comprised of these quantitative and qualitative solutions:



A 10-minute survey that delivers
perspectives from 25 decision-makers and analytics within 2 to 5 days

We’ll quickly arrange TDIs for you to moderate within 2 to 5 days


Use these tools to address issues that are important to you:

  • Marketing and strategic issues
  • In-licensing situations
  • Communication plans
  • Environmental threats
  • Competitive initiatives

For more information, click here: RapidSurv or RapidQual.





The success of RapidInsights is driven by our proprietary contact database,

RapidAccessTM, which includes:

  • More than 13,000 payer executives
  • More than 120,000 executives at hospitals, alternate sites of care and medical groups

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